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Tampere Art Gallery, Finland

Architectural competition entry for a new art gallery adjacent to the existing 19th C gallery. The proposal integrates the 3 museums’ (existing/proposed/Workers Housing), Pyynikintori Square, the transport hub & the wider city fabric into a cohesive dynamic entity - a ‘whole’. Creating a diverse, stimulating & meaningful Place, conducive to recreation & experiencing & participating in artistic activities.

It is vital that the museum & museum park are perceived as a public place that are open to all, approachable & welcoming. The foyer circulation ramps, walkways & covered footpath to the entrance reach out to encourage participation.

The timber & grass museum roof canopy extends beyond the museum into the park to provide covered spaces for sitting, shelter, performance & art – an extension of the museum that heighten & reinforce the understanding that this is a public place.

The meeting Square at Pyynikintori is the start of the route from the square to the museum, physically & psychologically linking them together. The existing art museum is to the east of the route & the new museum located to the north west. This setting back of the new museum creates containment to the museum park & respect to the existing museum while creating a positive tension & relationship between the 3 distinct museums.

The fair-face concrete ‘cliff face’ wall with its ramps & walkways at the foyer provide access to all levels of the building including the ramp down to the existing museum. Art works can be displayed within this space & screens lowered to project art videos etc out to the sunken court amphitheatre as well as internally. This sculptural concrete wall is also designed for passive heating in winter & cool months as this south facing wall will receive sunlight throughout the year, releasing the absorbed heat at night. Sun blinds, that also serve as projection screens, can be lowered to ensure thermal comfort.