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Dama zAmya Villa, Phuket

No mains water, sewerage or electricity were available at this remote island site at the project planning stage, therefore this 8,000 sq ft villa was designed to be totally self sufficient in terms of services i.e. rainfall and well to supply all water needs including for drinking, treating its own sewerage and producing its own electricity from PV and a wind turbine. During construction the site was connected to mains electricity and the PV put on hold while its consumption was assessed.

The east-west oriented site, falling by 21m from the road – part of a redundant rubber plantation - opens to panoramic ocean views to the north and rainforest views to the south & east. The villa consists 2 non-parallel blocks housing the living & sleeping spaces with a link block housing the entrance, reception and a gallery. A cantilevered swimming pool and deck also link the 2 main elements further down the hillside.

Designed as a passive house, it ‘hugs’ the steeply sloping site allowing the natural site contours to continue around, between & over the house integrating the landscape and villa. The grass covered roofs, as well cooling the micro climate, create gardens for entertaining in contrast to the more wild natural landscape surrounding the house - encouraging outdoor living in this tropical climate, its open concept maximises contact with nature as well as the ocean and rainforest views.

The ocean views are not immediately revealed upon entering the site or the house, but are controlled and framed to be discovered as the house is explored. A pond at two levels, highlighting and drawing us towards the house entrance, creates a pausing place adjacent to the front door. Upon entering, the ocean is partially glimpsed through a green courtyard that separates the kitchen and living spaces and draws us into the main living spaces of the house whereupon the panoramic ocean views are revealed.

BCI Green Building Award Winner