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Passive Design

The Malaysian climate is very generous. There is enough light & solar radiation to cater for all energy needs.

Our projects incorporate Passive design i.e. siting & orientation of buildings, minimise area of exposed heat absorbing hard surfaces, roof overhangs & shading, maximising natural light & natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, well insulated roofs as well as landscape as an integral design element for shading & cooling buildings.

These design elements do not generally add much if any cost to the project as they are integral to our approach from project inception i.e. it doesn’t increase costs to orientate the building to minimise solar gain. Passive design alone can save up to 40% of the buildings running costs & create a more comfortable environment.

It is possible to create comfortable residential spaces in the tropics without the need for air-conditioning as studies by an independent energy consultant of two of our recent houses have demonstrated. Insulating the roof (70% of heat gain enters through the roof in the tropics) & inducing cross natural ventilation to spaces can, together with ceiling fans, create comfortable living spaces for most people, the studies show.

We encourage our clients to invest in ‘Active Design’ when possible. This includes electricity produced from photovoltaic systems / wind turbines, anaerobic digesters to treat all waste water on site, hot water from waste chiller heat & solar units, energy efficient A/C & appliances. The payback time is reducing as capital costs for active measures reduces and energy costs increase.