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Research Laboratory, Kuala Lumpur

A small copse of young trees growing wild stood at the centre of the site and at the first site visit it immediately become clear that the serene tranquillity experienced walking among the trees should be retained. Thus the concept of the new building was created then and there.

The spaces of the programme were arranged around the copse, which became the sunken garden in the completed building, and are linked by a walkway encircling the garden, thus moving from the laboratories to the office or the office to café becomes a walk in the garden.

This 12,000 sq ft research facility for Novozymes, a world leading Bio-Tech company, is partially submerged into the existing site slope and this, combined with landscape shading, roof overhangs and natural diffused light, minimises solar radiation and reduces energy consumption.

   ■ Nominated for Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

   ■ Selected to represent Malaysia in ASEAN Energy Efficiency Awards.

   ■ World Architecture Award Finalist.

Skaarup & Jespersen Sdn Bhd
John Bulcock
Hans Carl Jacobsen