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Public Square/ Restaurant/ Retail: A Meeting Place, Langkawi

A shaded public ‘Town Square’ with amphitheatre to the main road frontage creates a dynamic multiuse flexible public space for markets/retail/exhibitions/music, bringing life, activity & people to this place - it becomes a meeting place.

A landscaped pedestrian route, ‘The Street’ extends from the public square at the front to the rear extending the retail space right through the restaurant & providing a public route from the car park & residential area at the rear through to the public space at the front.

The various restaurant spaces, air-con, covered & open-to-sky, are accessed from ‘The Street’ and separated by green courtyards creating a series of smaller restaurant spaces surrounded by nature – landscape, water, natural light & breeze. All are designed to be naturally ventilated if desired. The restaurant can also ‘spill’ out into the square during busy times.

Dense landscape planting, water gardens, green courtyards & large roof overhangs give shelter & help cool the spaces passively.