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Embassy of Switzerland, Kuala Lumpur

The project brief called for the existing single storey 30 year old 400m² building to be totally renovated, reorganized & extended by 100m² to provide a new entrance, waiting room, reception, café and further office space.

Although a major renovation was necessary it was important that the completed building create an overall unity while keeping clarity between the new and old, and to make use of the existing structure where practical.

As the existing building is constructed of fair-face brick, it was decided where possible to retain this and construct the proposed extension of off-form concrete finish to contrast the two fair-face finishes while clearly defining the new & old elements in the completed building. Other materials used are off-form concrete ring-beam, exposed structural steel columns & roof, stainless steel roof covering and full height double glazed walls.

Four structural steel mono-pitched roofs of ascending height ‘hover’ over but without touching the mass of the concrete and brick walls of the embassy below. This separation of wall & roof not only creates a lightness to the building but allows glare-free diffused natural light to enter the building deep into floor plan i.e. all spaces including circulation has the benefit of natural light and natural ventilation reducing artificial light use and inducing cross-ventilation to all spaces.