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Bamboo House, Kuala Lumpur

The sloping site for a detached house was not cut & filled by the original enlightened developer who also planted tree belts on common adjacent land – both of which play important roles in the concept of this house.

The site, orientated approximately east-west, falls by 4m from the road to the rear allowing the lower ground spaces (garden level) to be semi-submerged into the slope. This creates both a stable internal temperature, causes minimal disturbance to the site in terms of cut & fill while heightening our awareness to & informing us about the natural site contours.

A single roof plane gives unity to all spaces - external covered, external open, internal etc - blurring the distinction between house & garden thereby encouraging outdoor living in this tropical climate, its open concept maximises contact with nature – Green, Water, Breeze, Light, Sound

Designed as a 'passive' house to save energy by encouraging minimal or no air-con use & flooding the interior with diffused natural light, it is constructed of off-form concrete & 'wrapped' in a bamboo sunscreen that allows natural breezes & diffused natural light to penetrate all spaces.

The front elevation is understated but upon entering we find ourselves ‘outside’ – this surprise of space, with water garden, tree filled courtyard and glimpses through to the existing tree belt at the rear boundary – allows space to be experienced through of space, through layers of green, light & shadow.

Malaysia Dream House Winner: Gold Award